The Pets


Shelby is a 5-year-old Tuxedo who I rescued from AdvoCATs, Inc. in Madison, VA. He loves food, cuddles, and Da Bird. He suffers from IBD.

Cassandra (Cass)

Cass is a 4-month-old Tortie who I rescued from The Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation in Tysons, VA. She loves everything, because she’s a kitten.


Rosco is an 8-month-old German Shepherd-Rottweiler mix, who my parents rescued, and I help care for and raise. He loves everything, because he’s a puppy. He suffers from IBD.


Lucía was my ferret who I rescued from The Ferret Inn in Columbia, MD. She passed away at 8 years of after a battle with Adernal Disease, Insulinoma, and IBD.


Oso was a Chow Chow mystery mix who we bought for $60 from the guy across the street when he was a puppy. He passed away at 16 years of age. He loved ham, vanilla wafers, and was terrified of thunderstorms.


Tinky was my pure-bred Miniature Schnauzer who my parents bought when she was a puppy. She passed away at 18 years of age. She loved ham, vanilla wafers, and chin-scratches.


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