Poor Shelbycat!

Shelby's paw after 5 days of diluted Nolvasan soaks.

Shelby’s paw after 5 days of diluted Nolvasan soaks.

A closer look at poor Shelby's paw pad crater.

A closer look at poor Shelby’s paw pad crater.

After our last visit with the vet, Shelby was sent home with a vial of Nolvasan Concentrate (AKA chlorhexidine diacetate) to dilute in warm water, so he could have 5-minute paw-soaks; and more Buprenex to help with the pain. My poor little boy has been dealing with the indignity of being sat on, while having his paw soaked in what I bet feels like what mouthwash feels in your mouth when you have a canker sore. Afterwards, he gets his dose of Buprenex, and then has to don the cone of shame so he wont lick at his paw and, in the process, ingest the extra dilution of Nolvasan, which is exactly when Cass decides to start trying to attack him. Poor Shelby. He’s been such a good boy and a major champ about the whole thing. I can’t even imagine what It must feel like to be him right now.

I have no idea how his paw got that horrendous-looking crater in it. When we went in for his check-up the day before his paw started showing signs of inflammation, bleeding, and limping, I had some blood work done for him. According to the vet, everything was completely normal, minus elevated levels of eosinophils, which are usually signs of parasites or allergies. Unfortunately, the vet and I let it slide, since we both know he suffers from IBD. So, at this point, it’s kind of hard to say where all of this started, but at least it’s healing. My poor little champ. I know he’s mad at me right now as he sulks about with his E-cone on, but at least he’s going to live to see another day, and with all four paws.


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